RAP has arranged some good offers for hotel rooms for participants in the meetings.
Transportation information, incuding maps, for the hotels are available in the info page.

Hotel Telephone/email Single ½ Double 1/4 Quadruple Stars Notes Order code
Cab-inn +45 3536-1111 DKK: 485,00
USD:   80,00
EUR:   65,00
DKK: 297,50
USD:   60,00
EUR:   39,80
DKK: 202,50
USD:   35,00
EUR:   27,20
3   33226543
Mayfair +45 3331-4801 DKK: 750,00
USD:   125,00
EUR:   100,00
DKK: 500,00
USD:   86,00
EUR:   67,00
- 3+ w/breakfast RAP
Kong Frederik +45 3312-5902 DKK: 897,50
USD:   150,00
EUR:   98,50
DKK: 628,75
USD:   105,00
EUR:   84.20
- 4   520479

Prices are based on the DKK rate, 1 USD ~= 6 DKK, 1 EUR ~= 7,50 DKK. All prices are net prices, including taxes and service charges. Prices are for one night and without breakfast, except where otherwise noted. Please use order code to obtain reduced rates. Prices may be slightly out of date, they are from April 2001.

You can also look up accomodations by yourself on holidaycityscan or use other search facilities on the web.

Private accomodation are available via Prices are about 250 DKK for a single room, and 300 DKK for a double room, with breakfast usually not included.

You may also take a chance, or in case of last-minute arrivals, you can book a room at arrival at the tourist bureau just opposite the central station towards Tivoli, and you normally get a discount of about 100-200 DKK. Prices last year was then around DKK 500 for a single room close to the central station (Hovedbanegården).

Travel information

We can recommend some hotels at different price levels that you can book yourself, by email, telphone or fax. Discounts are available to meeting participants. See the hotels page.

If you are travelling by car you can see where Symbion is on this map.

If you are travelling by plane then you can arrange your trip at Remember that trips often are a lot cheaper if you stay over Saturday night.

Travel between airport and hotel

By taxi: It is about 20 min ride costing about DKK 180.

By train: There is a train station at the airport with direct connection to the central station (Hovedbanegården, Two trains an hour from the airport goes to Roskilde - not the the central station). It runs about every 20 minutes, takes 12 minutes. Single fare is DKK 25,50. (=EUR 4). You may also buy a blue 10-clip card for DKK 105 (EUR 14) that would also be good for transportation between the hotel and the conference place, a single fare is here DKK 17. Then use 2 clips for the trip between the airport and the central station, and one clip for the trip between your hotel and the meeting place. The 10-clip card will do for 3 days of travelling to and from the conference place, and trips from and to the airport = 10 clips in total. Buy it from the ticket office at the airport. You save DKK 82 in total with the blue clip card.

By bus: You may also take bus 250S from the airport to the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) - this is 300 m closer for Hotel Kong Frederik. This is about a 30 min ride, the bus leaves the airport every 10 minutes. 250S may also be taken from the central station, outside its east exit.

The train and bus system is integrated in København, keep your ticket or card and it is good for transfer within one hour on all trains and busses, all directions, within the zones paid for. Hotels are in zone 1, the meeting place in zone 2, and the airport in zone 4. A blue clip gives access to the zone you are in, and then the adjacent zones. To use it, make the required clips at the start of the journey, by stamping it in the yellow stamping machines at train stations, or the front left entrance in busses. For further legs of the journey, just show your clipcard to the bus driver when entering in the front right bus entrance, or to the ticket controller on board trains.

Travel between central station and hotel

Alt the hotels are within a 15 minute walk from the central station. (300 to 1000 m distance).

For Cab-inn, you may take the S-trains (very frequent) one station to Vesterport for cab-inn, saves you 300 m at no extra cost. Leave Vesterport station at its north exit (you come from the south), go west by Kampmannsgade 3 lights, crossing the bridge, there you reach Vodrofsvej, then go north until you reach Cab-inn on your left side. Should be about 700 m. Or take the train from the Airport one more station to Nørreport, and shift to the metro for the Forum station, which is about 200 m from the hotel. map.

Cab-inn by bus: take bus 8 or 11 in the north direction from the east exit of the central station. Exit at Åboulevarden just after crossing a bridge, with lakes on either side, and go south down Vodrofsvej 100 m.

For Kong Frederik, get to the town hall square (Rådhuspladsen), go 100 m north from the north-east corner of Rådhuspladsen by Vester Voldgade. map.

For Mayfair, leave the central station at its west exit, walk down Istedgade (west) two blocks to you get to Helgolandsgade, turn right till you get to the hotel. map.

Travel between hotel and conference place

Go to Vesterport Station (closest station for all 3 hotels) take train H or H+ direction Farum (northbound). They leave Vesterport 12 14 23 34 52 54 every hour during the day until 18:30, then 14 34 54 until 00:34. Leave at Emdrup station (easiest) or Ryparken (a little closer) for the conference center at Symbion (map). From Emdrup station go south down Lersø Parkalle to Gribskovvej, turn left 150 m, turn right down Fruebjergvej to Symbion, the building on the corner. From Ryparken station, go 20 m north, cross the motorway by the underpass, go west by a small path named Lersøparkvej and later Broløkkegårdsvej passing Danish summerhouses (which should be very lovely in Danish springtime) till you reach Strødamsvej, go left by Strødamsvej 50 m to you reach Fruebjergvej, then go up Fruebjergvej to Symbion. The train ride is 9-14 minutes. Distance from the stations to Symbion is about 500 m.

You can also go by bus 42 or 43 from Nørreport station, walk there or take the S-trains (any train, but use front 4 wagons) north from Vesterport station one station, leave north exit, and go to north-west corner of Nørreport, by the botanical gardens.

Plan about 30-40 minutes in all from hotel to the conference center.

By taxi or car the distance is about 10 minutes. The taxi fare is about DKK 100, so if you share 4 persons in a taxi, it will be about DKK 25 per person, which is about 2 times the cost on a blue-card clip, or 50 % more than the cost of a normal train/bus fare.